Design Thinking: Jakarta, A Nice Place To Be

Jakarta is the capital of our country Indonesia. It has anything a city can over to people which makes our live easier. Sadly, living in Jakarta itself is not an easy thing to do. Jakarta has a safety and crime issue which makes the citizens doesn’t feel safe to live in the city. As my mid-term project for design thinking subject, my group and I held an interview to people in our campus, BINUS UNIVERSITY. Here we can know what people think about those issues in Jakarta.

During this interview we had a lot of things to do. So we did it into 3 steps. Splitting our works not only makes us easier to do our job but also faster.

First is  brain storming. We started in our last design thinking class. Since the topic is safety and crime, we have to make it more focus. So we decided to get safety in public transportation as our topic. Here we collected any ideas, advices, and suggestion from our group. Then we make the list of our problem. After we were all done with this, we made the mind map. This mind map helps us a lot to decide what we wanted to ask to people. Then we made the list of our question, to make it easier I asked my group to give an idea for the question, every person should give 1 question to ask for. At last we got 10 questions, we asked basic things at the beginning and asked for more specific issue from the 4th until the last question. We were ready for the interview session.

We started our interview on Tuesday, November 1st 2011. We chose this date because it is Tuesday and we have 7 hours break from 9.30 a.m. to our next class on 4.30 p.m. Sadly we encountered some difficulties during our interview. First, I didn’t even know why there were so view people in that day, compare to our first interview (about Indonesian TV Program) there were not that many people in the campus building so it was harder to find people to be interviewed.

To make it fair. We decided that every person in our group should experience the interview. So we didn’t want any of our member just watching us doing the interview or holding the video camera to record it.

Next obstacle, people in our campus seems like have enough interview. They said something like, “what, another interview?”. I think it’s because all of the design thinking project was to get people to be interviewed. That’s why people had enough and didn’t want to be interviewed anymore. But then It became easier after the break time came and we could find some of our friends from other major.

After we found somebody to be interviewed another challenge came. We had to ‘dig’ as much information as possible from those people. I couldn’t expect all of my group members to be talkative like me, well some my group member just read the question list without doing any improvisation.

Awkward moment also often occured when we interviewed person we didn’t know before. In this kind of situation, I usually ask more fun question so the interviewee could relax a little bit

In the group, I am the one who get bored easily. So it was my role to make our interview fun by doing some jokes to the interviewee. Sometimes when I found it funny when I saw my self in the video.

Next step is processing the data which we got from the interview. In this part I always take the fun part which is editing the videos. Why I like this part is because I often find interesting or funny moments during the interview. Best of all my friends like the video which I edited because it was fun to watch. I added some music backgrounds into the video because I didn’t want to make it too serious and make people get bored easily.

There were also tasks to make the empathy map and the presentation slides. So I handle these to my friends as I’m done doing the video. Glad that 2 of my fiends took these job by their will. Herlina took the empathy map and Arifin took the presentation. Usually a job will be done better if a person do it by their will, right?

During this interview I also get some new information from the interviewee. First, most of our interviewee think that the most safety public transportation in Jakarta is taxi. Because they think if they go by taxi, there are only him/her and the driver in that taxi. Well, they not say all of the taxi in Jakarta are good, just the blue one.

Next, we found that crime activity usually occur during the night. Some of our interviewee said that they usually stalked, abused, and flirted by stranger when they walk alone in the night. So that’s why they suggest not to walk alone in the night and avoid eye contact to random strangers.

Then, it is the things we wear that attract criminals to come toward us. Most of our interviewee told us not to wear too much jewelers and accessories when walking or going alone using public transportation. Also always aware with people around you and keep your bag in your attention.

Last, we found that women are the most victims of those amusements occurred on the road. But there was a case, one of our interviewee were flirted by a shemale. Quite funny isn’t it?

In the end our interview was quite fun. We found some obstacle during our interview but my group and I manage it well so we can overcome our problem. From this interview I also can train my English speaking in the way to get information from people and train my self confidence. I also know some new friends, and best of all I can get interesting facts and information during this interview.

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